Current and Previous Winners

 Year Award Winner Title of Paper University
2018/2019 Mirna Hennawy
Trauma-informed care: navigating trauma in medicine University of British Columbia
2017/2018 Danusha Vinoraj Needs Assessment of Pediatric Dual Diagnosed Populations: Knowledge Translation and Practical Implications for Management. University of Ottawa
2016/2017 Dmitriy Matveychuk
A Review of Ketamine’s Antidepressant Mechanisms University of Calgary
2015/2016 Joseph Emerson Marinas Physician-Assisted Death and the Medical and Philosophical Considerations for Psychiatry McMaster University
2014/2015 Ms. Natasha Fernandes Dignity Therapy within a Mood In-Patient Population University of Ottawa
2013 Ratika Srivastava Dissociative Identities as Allies and Enemies: The Development of Dissociative Identity Disorder in Childhood Trauma Victims
2011 Derrick Tam A meta-analysis of agomelatine versus placebo for the treatment of major depressive disorder Queen’s University
2010 Gregory Costain The Genetics of Schizophyrenia: A guide for Mental Healthcare Profiders, Patients and Relatives

COUPE Best Paper Award Guidelines

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