Our Organization

The Canadian Organization of Undergraduate Psychiatry Educators (COUPE) consists of a director or coordinator of undergraduate psychiatric education from each of the seventeen (17) Canadian medical schools (one vote per university).

Observer status may be accorded from-time to time to other psychiatric educators, residents and medical students at the direction of the Chair.

COUPE members meet twice a year (in conjunction with the annual and spring round of meetings of the Canadian Psychiatric Association) to develop a national consensus for objectives for medical education and curricula content.

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Current and Previous COUPE Chairs & Treasurers

 Chair Year Treasurer Year
Dr. Vanessa Lentz

McMaster University

2019-Present Dr. Cheryl Murphy

Dalhousie University

Dr. Elliott Lee

University of Ottawa

2017-2019 Dr. Cheryl Murphy

Dalhousie University

Dr. Natasja Menezes

McMaster University

2015-2017 Dr. Elliott Lee

University of Ottawa

Dr. Tim Lau

University of Ottawa

2013-2015 Dr. Renée Fitzpatrick

Queen’s University

Dr. Janette McMillan

University of British Columbia

2011-2012 Dr. 2011-2012
Dr. Allison Freeland

University of Ottawa

2009-2011 Dr. Rajendra Harricharan

University of Western Ontario

Dr. Jodi Lofchy
University of Toronto
2006-2009 Dr. 2006-2009